We are Product Sourcing Consultants who specialise in sourcing aftermarket car parts and accessories.

We understand with so many online automotive stores, the process of comparing products or brands is always stressful and time consuming. We will  find and supply the best aftermarket car parts that are suitable for your budget, build or modifications.

Not only will you have your very own Sourcing Consultant, sourcing quality branded products at an affordable price, you will also receive product knowledge and support. So why not become part of a network with people who truly care about helping you achieve your goals?

Your car is a reflection of you, it’s time to stand out from the crowd!


Professor Ferdinand Porsche once said, “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.”

Our mission is to provide a service that benefits car enthusiasts, so they too can achieve their goal and build the car of their dreams.



We believe “Helping one person, might not change the world, but it will change the world for one person.”


The crown was chosen as our logo symbol because it represents triumphs, achievement and success. We are not afraid to stay true to who we are and live a life of ethical integrity.

We aim our success not based on popularity, but by the people we serve and those whom continue to use our service and be a part of our network.